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If the time has come for you to upgrade your kitchen, a quartz countertop is definitely something you need to consider because it will not only elevate the appearance of your kitchen, it will also provide you with durability, style and value. Quartz materials make a world of difference and because renovations happen so rarely, you need to ensure you get everything done right, which is why quartz is a must.

One of the many benefits of this type of material is the variety of colours you’ll have to choose from. Every homeowner will find a colour that will meet their taste and style preferences, and because quartz is a manufactured material, its colour and patterns are controlled by the different crystals and pigments used throughout the process. There is a wide range of colours you can choose from, including pure white or jet black as well as red, blue, gold and any other colour in between. Quartz can also be designed to resemble natural materials like granite or marble so you can get the desired effect you’re after, including the beauty of marble, without any of the maintenance making quartz an ideal choice.

Those who are mindful of our environment will love quartz because of the eco-friendly qualities it possesses, including the fact that it is produced using local materials, making it easier to transport. Natural stones are quarried and imported from different parts of the world, meaning transportation costs and fuel consumption are involved, but with quartz material, this does not have to be a concern. Natural stone countertops also need to be sealed, whereas quartz does not, eliminating the need for chemical sealers. A certain percentage of some quartz countertops are also made of post-consumer recycled glass and all of this information means you can have stunning countertops that you can feel good about.

Quartz material is extremely durable, which is perfect because kitchen countertops need to last. Quartz countertops, in particular, are built to last a long time and are known to last several decades, so you can have beautiful countertops without the concern of having to replace them. Another important aspect of any kitchen is maintenance and you need countertops that don’t require hours of care in order to maintain their condition. Quartz countertops are perfect because of the minimal care that they require. They are waterproof, stain-resistant and can stand up to heavy use, so you can prepare food all day long without worrying about your pots and pans causing any damage. Quartz countertops are easy to clean so they will remain hygienic and free or both dirt and bacteria and a simple wipe will also prevent stains, so quartz really is the perfect material for kitchen countertops.

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