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Choosing cabinets goes beyond just wanting them to look good. With so many options on the market, it can get overwhelming as you fall in love with many different cabinet door styles. Going in with some answered questions about what you’d like your space to look like can eliminate the potential of leaving the store with nothing. 


Before selecting a style, you should consider the space where the cabinets will be going. You should consider the theme but also what kind of fixtures and furniture you will have in the room. You want your cabinets to seamlessly blend into your space. Things you should consider: decorative vs simple, and the concept (open space vs closed). 

How Easy Are They To Clean?

Second, you should consider how much of a job cleaning your new cabinets will be. You don’t want it to be a performance every time you have to scrub your cabinets. You should consider how you’ll reach all the areas you need to clean and how much space you may need. In addition, inquiring about what kind of cleaning materials are needed for various styles will give you a better understanding of what works for you and your space while also contributing to the elimination process. 

Be Clear on Your Preference 

While practicality is important, you shouldn’t abandon your aesthetic preferences. Do your due diligence and research cabinets styles, what cabinets look best where, and colours. The possibilities are endless. Remember, you want to create a space you can be happy and proud about. Look through magazines or scroll through Pinterest, you’ll get a lot of inspiration, and might even come across combinations you didn’t know existed. 


While on the topic of aesthetics, determine your colour scheme to aid in the elimination process when choosing which cabinets to go with. Cabinets come in a wide range of wood (i.e. oak vs. cherry wood). You can also paint them to fit your aesthetic desires.


Having an established budget will decrease your chances of over-spending on your new cabinets. Viewing samples will help you decide which cabinets will fit your space and your budget.


Before purchasing your cabinets, you should find out whether the installation is covered by the provider or the contractor you are using. Most times, the warranties only cover defects in the products as opposed to damage you may cause yourself or natural wear and tear. Just like your cabinets, warranties are unique, so it’s important to know the terms of yours. 

When choosing your cabinets, it is important to explore your options. iHome Cabinets & Countertop is your go to place for all of your cabinet needs. For an experienced opinion, contact us before you begin your remodelling project so we can help you pick and execute the best kitchen for your home.