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Corner cabinet spaces are one of the major points of contention for many homeowners. Firstly, because their location is so odd that they usually receive the least light which means nothing is clearly visible. Secondly, they seem like they house a lot of space but serve a limited purpose when it comes to using the space appropriately. Thirdly, taking out and putting in things in corner cabinets can be a task. The constricted space, inconvenience and lack of lighting make corner cabinets popular for dumping items that we rarely use. But there are many new age solutions that can turn this relatively inconvenient cabinet location into a much more useful and utilitarian space. Here is how:

Peanut shaped Corner Pullout

Peanut shaped corner pullouts are gaining tremendous popularity for two reasons. One obviously because they are solving an age-old issue with corner cabinets and second because they look stylish. With its pullout swivel motion, you can simply roll out space of the peanut-shaped corner pullout solution and your cabinet is ready to be used for bottles, jars, and pots and pans. Its anti-slip shelves and side railing protect your stuff from falling off the rack.

Half Lazy Susan shelves

Many cabinet stores and manufacturers have the half Lazy Suzan version specially designed for corner cabinets. These are usually made from either from wood or plastic and have half circles that glide along a pole. Half Lazy Susan shelves are great because they allow ease of access and complete visibility of items to the user making it easy. As most shelves operate individually, they can be easily pulled halfway or all the way out.

Magic corner

There are two ways in which magic corners work: door attached and swing out. The first type has a cabinet attached to the door. The cabinet space houses all kinds of items that can be easily accessed when the cabinet door is open. The second type of magic corner features a complete swing-out cabinet. In this type of cabinet, the shelves swing out of the cabinet space, offering ease of access and complete visibility of items to the user.

Revolving bar

Another hack for corner cabinets is placing a revolving bar in the middle of the cabinet and attaching small cubbies to them. These cubbies can house small bottles, extra spoons, small bowls, etc. Many homeowners also use this hack and use three garbage bins instead of a cubby to segregate their waste disposal.

Lazy Susan

The Lazy Susan is one of the most popular solutions to a corner cabinet. Although there are many mechanically and design-wise better options to the Lazy Susan, it has been used extensively from an age-old time as a perfect solution for corner cabinets, thanks to its revolving mechanism and ease of access.

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