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Renovations are tough and expensive, and many of us put off projects for another day or season. While that is sometimes fine, some situations require immediate action, particularly in the kitchen. 

There are some signs you just can’t ignore, so if you’re faced with any of the following, it might be time for new kitchen cabinets:

  1. Broken drawers. Your kitchen should be practical and efficient, so if your drawers are broken, they won’t be able to open or close properly, making your life very difficult. If you have broken or damaged drawers in your current kitchen, it’s a good indication that the end is near when it comes to your cabinets and now would be a good time to look into new ones.
  2. Lack of drawers. Kitchen cabinets should be designed to help you as opposed to working against you. This means you should have easy access to the items you use often, and you shouldn’t have to bend or crawl into your cabinets in order to find things. You should also be able to put everything away comfortably in a space that meets your needs. If you cannot do these things, it may be time for a kitchen renovation that includes enough new cabinets to suit your lifestyle.
  3. Cabinets are worn out. While this may be an aesthetic issue as opposed to a critical one, nobody really wants old cabinets that are falling apart. Kitchens see a lot of activity, especially if you and your family cook on a daily basis. The heat and steam will eventually affect the look of your cabinets, cause them to change colour or cause the finish to peel off. If the cabinets you have now been barely hanging on and look as though they’ve been around for a century, it’s a great indication that change is required.
  4. Several of your neighbours are renovating. Each house is different, however, it is likely that the homes on your street were all built around the same time so if one is outdated, the chances are the rest of the homes are too. If you notice that many of your neighbours are renovating different parts of their homes, it may be time to take a look at your interior too. Renovating the most frequently used spaces like a kitchen will upgrade your home significantly and add value to your property. 

If you feel like your kitchen could use an upgrade, call A+ Distribution LTD today to give your home and kitchen a brand new look. Located in Abbotsford, A+ Distribution LTD will make sure you find the perfect kitchen cabinets to help transform your current space into the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted.