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White Carrara marble is one of the most exquisite natural stones in the world. Its opulence, stunning detail and sleek shine provoke awe from nearly everyone that sees the stone. However, with such beauty comes quite a hefty price and upkeep! As desirable as the authentic natural stone, it’s just not a practical or feasible option. Fortunately, there are equally wonderful granite alternatives that replicate the elegant style of white Carrara marble, without the cost. 

In this article, iHome Cabinets & Countertops breaks down the five granite types that are perfect white marble alternatives.

Casa Blanca

This type of granite comes from a bedrock quarry located in Brazil. The stone has a white surface with beautiful gray vein patterns sprawling across. Certain areas of the stone may have white crystals while other parts are primarily gray. The mica in the granite allows it to shine in the light. Highly durable and easy to maintain, this granite is often sealed for the purpose of longevity. Especially suitable for kitchen countertops or cabinets, the Casa Blanca granite is a great Carrara alternative.

Viscount White

The icy white base on Viscount White granite appears similar to the Carrara marble. Quarried from a bedrock located in India, this type of granite has a gray/black type of veining that makes up the design of the stone. Some slabs of the stone may have more prominent black veins, whereas other slabs may have lighter black or dark gray. This stone can essentially withstand the test of time, which makes maintenance relatively easy.

White Moon

White moon granite has swirls of stunning bright ivory speckled throughout and threaded with gray and black in between. A perfect choice for kitchen countertops, white moon granite often comes in large slabs. The structure of the grain is also consistent and does not have any black spots. This stunning granite can enhance any kitchen. Some white moon types can even have a yellow undertone, which makes this stone even more unique.


This gorgeous granite type is quarried out of Carrara, Italy. Featuring relatively similar veining patterns to the famous White Carrara Marble, this granite is arguably the perfect choice. Recycled glass creates the dusty greys and whites found throughout the stone, which give it mesmerizing appearance. The timeless, elegant look that Arabescato creates will leave guests in amazement.


Snowfall granite is a stunning, polished stone with charcoal and light gray speckles strewn throughout. It also contains rich gold undertones within that shine through the stone. Snowfall adds a unique touch to any kitchen while maintaining its warmth.

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