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It’s true that kitchen countertops are made with durability in mind, but that doesn’t mean it indestructible. Now and again, it’s likely you’ll run into some problems, especially if the counters aren’t properly maintained over time. Here are just a few of the common issues you may encounter, and quick ways to fix them.

Ruptured Countertops Surface

While a ruptured countertop isn’t the prettiest thing to look at, it usually only impacts a small portion of the surface. Many people are afraid that they’ll need to replace the entire things, but that’s not the case, as isolated damage has been fixed on many occasions. There are several reasons behind a countertop rupture, including that the surface was installed on an uneven surface, the joints were poorly done or the counter is carrying too much weight in one area. For small ruptures, manufacturer’s adhesive can be used to repair the damage, while larger fractures will require the removal of the area before a special filler can be applied.

Water Damage

Not many surfaces are safe from water damage, including you countertops. Smaller kitchens, or ones that utilize laminate or wood counters, are the highest risk for water damage. Signs of water damage include your dishwasher not closing properly or unevenness between your counters and adjacent cabinets. To prevent water damage from destroying your countertops, make sure a vapour barrier is applied during installation. Make sure to pay close attention to your sealant surrounding your sink as well as the pipes below. Taking care to properly maintain your sink and dishwasher will reduce the risk of water damage occurring.

Hot Plate Stains

Certain countertops can handle heat much better than others. Granite and engineered quartz, for example, can handle a hot pan being placed directly onto it much better than laminate or wood counters. If you accidentally rest a hot dish or pot on a countertop that’s not heat resistant, you’ll likely see scorch marks in its place. The solution for removing heat stains will vary depending on your countertop material. However, no matter the material, you should clean the surface of any dirt and debris left behind. For burn marks on laminate countertops, apply toothpaste to the area and let it sit for ten minutes. Use a toothbrush afterwards to scrub the stain. If the stain is gone, wipe the area clean with a moist towel. You can also use club soda or baking soda and water.


Over time, granite, marble, quartz and other stone countertops will lose their shine, but you don’t have to replace the entire thing to get it back. Your countertop’s surface will determine what kind of cleaning product you’ll need to use. Using harsh cleaners can reduce the shine and damage the surface, so avoid those if you want to preserve the finish. To restore the shine, you can either call in a professional to buff and re-polish the surface to get them looking brand new, or you can do it yourself. Purchase a stone surface polish made for your specific countertop and shine up your counters any time you want.

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